Beach Bodies (in spoken word) - David Fasanya and Gabriel Barralaga


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View full lesson: What leads to the way we perceive our body image? In a thought-provoking and humorous performance at TEDYouth 2012, spoken word poets David Fasanya and Gabriel Barralaga pose a challenge to rethink how we see ourselves. Performance by David Fasanya and Gabriel Barralaga.

Đăng ký Momo nhận 300k và 500k Đăng ký


Cows Eat Cheese: wtf did i just watch'

ur average weirdo: got me lookin like a wet chocolate

Hachii: I did this for my final exam in June in English, glad to come back and re watch it

Paris Rhiannon: This video is perfect, i wouldn't change a single thing about it

Eat wellness Halal Hustle: OMG this is soooooooooo good

Bali Praia: cool!

Vincetagram: sounds like they are just listing things they could cut out of their life to become healthier

Miss J O Blue sketch: The whole time I'm watching this I'm thinking how good this is, how much I love both their body's and hair, and voices, and personalities, and how they act. That they're so funny and awesome. How attractive they are. Then listening to the poem, not understanding why they feel that way. But knowing how it feels and understanding why they feel that way. - I love this so much. Thank you for doing this and showing us.

منوعات الإبداع Innovation varieties: dull show ...............Thanks God !

akeem anderson: Yo the metaphors got me like 😁😁😁

peace lover: This is sooo cringeworthy 😓

Amanda Kay: I love seeing poems about body image coming from guys. Not because it's good but because it needs to be seen. So many people think that body image issues are solely girls who think their too thin or too fat. But guys feel it too. If only I could tell myself what I would tell a boy who thought he was too big or too slim, that they're perfect whether they're thighs jiggle or their arms aren't lined with muscles. Girls are so often told that guys don't feel insecure and so they forget to tell their boyfriends, their brothers, their bestfriends that they're good looking. Girls are told that guys don't feel things like girls do, and it's wrong. More poetry like this should be out in the world. Kudos to these guys.

dustinakababyg: never hurts to grow and become a better you

Meanya: Fucking love that guy's frizzy hair

Rue Night: I wish I could double-like this. Liking it just once doesn't seem like enough.

TySpeaks: 👏👏👏👏💯 LOVED THIS SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!

Crystal Stobbart: There is something so gorgeous about the rhythmic moves that go with poetry. Some part of the reason why I love when people dance to it instead of music. The words form the rhythm whereas music isn't there.

Margarita Garcia: "But we're tried...and exhausted.....of trying to be something I'm not"

Rajat Srivastava: Awesome!

Assata Dailey: I Love This.

Rebecca Fox: I'm really glad to see a video like this shedding light on body image that isn't about females.

Emilia Melendez: That was pretty powerful!! I enjoyed that

MsDealwithit: He got that booty tho

BreyerHorses: this is so true! people try to be people that they are not. everyone is different, that is good because if everyone was the same. then there would be no YOU. Be your self don't be anybody else you are perfect just the way you are.

xblinkz1: How do write spoken word poetry like this? It's persuasive and funny,silly thought provoking, poetry and fun to listen ! And the performance is wow !!

Shantale Mutune: Mathew Mcconaugheeeey Beach Body!! .. Well done guys.. Well done!

Linda B: Seems like men, for the frst time, experience what women are experiencing since AGES! Since ages the value of a woman is mostly based on her looks and the value of a man on his achievements. So the problem of feeling pressured to look good is nothing new to women. So to these 2 guys i have to say "Welcome to a woman's world baby!" LOL

Tea Cloud: I really can't believe the people who pick apart these beautiful performances with their own personal critiques. Slam poetry is mostly subjective, not everyone will relate or fully grasp their concepts because these concepts are derived from the poet's own experience. People need to stop jumping at the first flaw they find and appreciate the struggles people go through. The last thing we need is dwelling on the unimportant little bits.

kristinabutler6: I totally love this! Love love love!!

Alfredo Rafael Habersham Pabon: Healthy is beautiful :)

UNKN0VVN: Just be healthy!

fayrae: It's called poetry, son.

faux0pas: This is beautiful.

angelo tiu: *Watches the start: Oh boy.....

thesk13ater: they speak the truth

JONVANGO: That's my lil brother!!! Follow him on twitter. @gabeslifeisreal

CK: well im sorry english is my second language :)


Emily hancock: fantastic performance! I loved it!

Jorge M. Aristizábal G.: Or the biggest ally!

Aaron Smiles: Nice one lads! Thought provoking and demonstrates male self consciousness, since most of the focus is on women when it comes to eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

Mark Arandjus: I never thought I'd have a poem stuck in my head like a song!

shivad aspiliqueta: The strong will do and point out valid complaints for future improvement, and the weak will complain over things they have failed to attempt to understand or in some cases lack the ability.

derty QWERTY: Drama and poetry.. the real question is how you spelled that sentence not knowing what these people are doing. I would except that question from a martian or a 4 year old.

derty QWERTY: Eat more fresh unprocessed foods. Do basic 30 minute work outs every other day. Not hard to stay fit, even with 40 hour work weeks anyone can do it. The hard part is focusing on it and especially having the strong willpower to stay on task with your mission on getting a "fit body". And don't use excuses to quit, like most overweight people claim its their family genes when they don't realize the eat the same amounts their family provides to the rest. Eat less, walk more. It's that easy, no trick

Ademola Lewis: Love my brothers, its always go hard or go home, URBAN WORD BABY!

James H: For those who enjoy this type of thing I recommend watching. Marshall Davis Jones: "Touchscreen". Its one of my personal favorites.

James H: Look up some Def Poetry or Poetry Slams; Spoken Word is a more theatrical approach to poetry. If your wtf was to what this Spoken Word consisted of; it was pretty much two guys, one of a heavier set build and one skinny, one blames slow metabolism the other fast; and the names they keep saying are men with muscle who are portrayed in media as "hot, sexy" so these mean are aiming to be them. The end is them realizing they are trying to be something they are not. Accepting themselves.

billiem07: You mean those who have. Remember kids, "has" is used for third person singular and "have", in this case, is for plural third person implied by "those who" used in the example above. :-)

Sustaeval: what the fuck am i watching?

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Beach Bodies (in,Bodies (in spoken,(in spoken word),spoken word) -,word) - David,- David Fasanya,David Fasanya and,Fasanya and Gabriel